You eat / sleep on it.

Your pet has irrefutably pegged it their favorite couch.

You entertain parties, with your sofas being center stage.

So, when was the last time you cleaned your old leather couch?

Furniture upholstery cleaning is often overlooked when considering a spring (or a summer) cleaning.

More time is spent vacuuming the carpet which does make sense as the floor furnishing takes more square footage in every room. But where do you spend the most time after a long, hard day at work—the living room floor or your favorite armchair?

Let alone weekly or even monthly cleaning, furniture upholstery repair is left till the very last, often when it’s a much better idea to replace the over-worn sofa set with a new one! Buying new furniture is expensive, especially when considering leather furniture.

Learn howto spot damage to your furniture so that you can re-upholster in time, saving lots of dollars in the process.

Three Categories of Furniture Damage and One Solution

Generally, furniture upholstery damage can be divided into three categories based on causes of the damage. There are:


This damage is caused by rapid changes and fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Additionally, damage of furniture is also brought by exposure to visible and ultraviolet light as well as chemical composition changes of the furniture upholstery itself.

Majority of damage sustained to furniture upholstery is because of this cause and accounts for:

  • Timber distortion
  • Fabric shrinkage
  • Adhesive and joint failure
  • Deterioration of coatings and finishes
  • Lifting marquetry and veneer


This kind of damage happens when furniture is handled or used improperly. Poor display and storage, general wear and unforeseen accidents can also result in mechanical damage causes. Following are some common types of mechanical damage:

  • Water marks
  • Surface damage
  • Broken or worn components
  • Missing pieces

Biological damage mostly happens when furniture is left outside to the elements mercy. This type of damage normally happens through insect, bacterial, and fungal attack.

It’s Time To Reupholster Your Fabric Or Leather Furniture When:

It Starts To Sag

This sign is pretty common in comfy sofa sets. Sitting on the same spots repeatedly will cause the sofa to sag over the years. Most furniture manufacturers use low quality foam to save on production costs which begins to show after just a few months of usage.

Upholstery Is Torn or Damaged

A time comes in yourfurniture’s life when everyday usage tears apart the fabric, making the furniture an eye sore.

You could have a stunning living room with modern art pieces displayed strategically on the wall; but if you havetorn furniture—even one—your room will look like a drag.

Over use through a lot of years will bring some changes to your furniture that you can see and feel when sitting.

Have a residential sofa set that needs some love, care and attention in the form of re-upholstery? Give the job to Genesis Upholstery and sit back while we make your sofa brand-new once again!