Couches, chairs, recliners, antique chairs, love seats etc. This are just some of the many residential pieces of furniture we can restore for our customers. We understand how much you care about your furniture and we also understand how due to normal wear and tear this items can get damage, dirty or unfordable to use.

We pride ourselves in our work and we have delivered great quality at an affordable price every time. Besides quality we care about making sure the residential fortunate we restore is comfortable. Let us be part of your restoration project and allow us to provide you with the best upholstery services around Nashville Tennessee.

Residential Upholstery

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other commercial clients have taken advantage of our experience and quality of service. We have been recognized for our attention to detail in the work we do as our passion for our art shines through on every job we deliver our customers.

If you own a restaurant, hotel, or other commercial space in need of remodeling for your furniture we are the one stop solution. We have over 30 years of experience in our field and take pride on every project we take on. Your satisfaction in our goal and we make sure every job gets the attention it needs to look fantastic.

We have successfully delivered furniture that looks great, feels comfortable, and transforms the space it occupies. Our customers return to us every time due to the quality, attention to detail and professionalism we provide.

Call us today to obtain more information and we will be glad to serve you.

Commercial Upholstery

Whether you are working on a project vehicle, had a small accident and need to repair your automobile’s interior or just want to change the color or design we can help!!!

We have restored classic, as well as newer cars in our shop with great success. Genesis Upholstery is different from other upholstery shops out there. Our core values and passion for our art sets us apart from our competitors. We understand our customers, their needs and the design they want in their vehicles.

Pricing has never been an issue as we make sure we can provide you with multiple options to achieve a completion of the job at hand. Let us be part of your project and remember that you can always count on us for any consultation and suggestions.

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Auto Upholstery

Our experience in upholstery goes back to 30 years which allows us to be good at what we do. Boats require a detailed oriented person that understands the needs, and different materials in every job.

We have delivered great projects that don’t just look excellent but also feel comfortable with great class. We have been recommended because we provide great customer service, amazing pricing, and quality you can see and feel.

If you are planning to restore an old boat, or have one that does not look just the way you like it. Allow us to provide you with suggestions and ideas to achieve the desired goal. We are here to help and make sure your dreams come true when it goes to the upholstery in your boat.

Call us today to obtain more information and we will be glad to serve you.

Boat Upholstery